Current Research


Anglo - Moroccan Project:

Excavations aim at clarifying the late Roman and Islamic occupation of the SW side of the site. The excavations cover a group of houses within the walls and an area immediately outside the walls at the centre of which lies a bath building of the Idrissid period. A management and conservation plan is being developed along with pilot projects on the restoration of buildings. Directors: Elizabeth Fentress, Hassan Limane and Gaetano Palumbo.

Preliminary Site Reports:
2003 (temporarily unavailable)

Mission Protars :

(Programme thématique d’appui à la recherche scientifique)

Excavations aimed at clarfying the Mauritanian occupation in the Eastern sector of the town. Directors: Hassan Limane and Mohammed Makdoun.
(Université Moulay Ismaïl et l’Institut national des sciences de l´archéologie et du patrimoine).

Mission Maroco – Italienne :

Geophysical survey near the Tangier Gate. (Université de Sassari et l’I.N.S.A.P).

Mission Maroco-Française :

Preparation of a catalogue of the mosaics of Morocco (C.N.R.S. et I.N.S.A.P).

Mission Maroco-Française :

Study of the temples of Volubilis.

Mission Maroco-Française de Prospection Sebou :

Survey of the valley of the Oued Sebou. Directors Hassan Limane and René Rebuffat.